Shallow Well Repair Kits Now Available


Red Lion® is pleased to announce that Shallow Well Repair Kits are now available for the RL-SWJ Series and RJS-PREM Series.

RL-SWJ Series:RL-SWJ_Combo

• Case/seal plate kit
• Hardware kit
• Overhaul kit
• Impeller kit
• Shaft seal kit
• Pressure switch kit

RJS-PREM Series:

• Case kit
• Seal plate kit
• Nozzle/venturi kit
RJS-50 High Performance• Hardware kit
• Overhaul kit
• Impeller/diffuser kit
• Shaft seal kit
• Pressure switch kit
• Gasket hardware kit

The overhaul kits and impeller/diffuser kits are anticipated to generate steady demand, so a consistent level of inventory will be available. The remaining kits will have limited stock, but will be monitored closely. Many are new offerings with lower sales expectations due to warranty inclusions. Details depicting the parts included in each kit (exploded views) can be located in the owner’s manuals, downloadable from our website.

To view the Owners Manual for the RL-SWJ Series, click here.

To view the Owners Manual for the RJS-PREM Series, click here.  


More New Products!


Wow, we've been busy!

Not only did we launch a new jet pump program last month but we've also added to our Engine Drive program.

Two new additions are:

6RLAG-3HST - a 3" semi trash pump powered by a Honda GX160 engine.  For more information visit:


5RLAG-2LKIT - this is an engine driven aluminum transfer pump which includes a hose kit.  The hose kit contains:  a 12' reinforced suction hose with a steel suction strainer, a 50' lay flat discharge hose with attached couplings, and two 2" aluminum adapters for use with quick connect couplers.  For more information visit:



We've also made a change to our regular 3" semi trash pump.  This pump now comes with an LCT engine so the model number has changed from 6RLAG-3ST to 6RLAG-3LST.  .  More information about this pump can be found at

Note the image on the product page has to be updated.  The correct image is shown below.6RLAG-3LST.

Retailers, if you'd like pricing on these products call your Red Lion representative today. 


New Jet Pump Program


Have you checked out our new jet pump program?

With 6 new jet pumps in the Red Lion mix we have what customers are looking for.

Our RL-SWJ Series (known as our "Better" pump series) offers a great product at a competitive price.  1/2, 3/4, and 1 hp models are available.

Our RJS-XX-PREM Series is our premium product with improvements from our former RJS series pumps.  Now featuring a capacitor for increased starting torque and metal a barbed connection for a more secure connection from the pump to the pressure switch.  1/2, 3/4 and 1 hp models are available.

Both series are dual voltage (115/230 Volt.  Your safety is our priority so all pumps are now pre-wired for 230 Volts but can be easily switched to 115 Volts - check out the owner's manual for detailed instructions.

Want more information?  Check out our clean water site at or contact your local Red Lion representative or retailer today!


  Red Lion Jet Pump Program


National Hardware Show 2015


Red Lion Booth Cropped Small

Our booth welcomed visitors from all over North America at the National Hardware Show held on May 7 - 9, 2015 in Las Vegas (booth #4406 and #4407).  We shared the space with Little Giant Outdoor Living, our sister retailer.

Our booth featured our new jet pump program and improved engine driven pumps.

Thanks to all those who stopped by and of course those who worked the booth!  See you next year!



Sump Pumps - Bleed Hole


Did you know that our cast iron sump pumps have a bleed hole incorporated into the design of the pump which eliminates a pump from getting air-locked? 

Why is this important?  when a sump pump gets air-locked it prevents water from flowing through the pump which will eventually burn out the motor.  The bleed hole allows trapped air to escape. 

In some models the bleed hole appears as a small hole located in the front or back of the pump at the base of the unit.  In other models the bleed hole is hidden behind the bolt at the base of the pump. 

Water squirting out of this hole is normal and is no reason for concern.   The unit is not defective.  Do not return it to the store.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call our hotline number at 1-888-956-0000.




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