Your New Pressure Boosting Solution is Here



The Red Lion RBSS-75FC Booster Pump is now available for pressure boosting solutions in homes with a municipal water source and incoming water pressure less than 45 psi. This pressure boosting system assists in maintaining steady water pressure when more than one water fixture is in use.

Features & Benefits 

  • Simple Installation: The package comes factory assembled with a convenient 6-foot, 115-volt power cord ready to install without the need for on-site wiring.
  • Boost Water Pressure: Boosts water pressure with consistent output. 
  • Reduced Footprint: Eliminates the need for a pressure switch and tank, reducing the cost of traditional booster systems.
  • Pump Protection: The control provides run-dry protection to the pump and an auto-run feature keeps the system free of debris and prevents clogs if idle for more than 24 hours.

Ordering Information

This product is now available to order. Pump repair kits will be available soon. For more information, see the owner's manual. 

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Economical, Reliable & Increased Performance. The RL25U Has What Your Customers Demand


RL25U RL SPDK Hose Kit Group GIF

RL25U and adapter shown paired with the RL-SPDK Hose Kit (not included).

Are your customer's price-conscious? Do they also expect performance and reliability? The solution is the Red Lion® RL25U. Delivering the performance of our 1/4 horsepower (HP) pump at the price of our 1/6 HP pump, this pump comes backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


This submersible pump is ideal for general water transfer applications and household water removal in places like basements, crawl spaces, rooftops and window wells.

A Great Cross-Selling Opportunity

The RL25U is conveniently outfitted to attach to a 3/4” garden hose and includes a 1-1/4” FNPT adapter, allowing it to attach to the Red Lion RL-SPDK Universal Hose Kit (not included).

RL25U Spec Sheet ThumbnailFeatures & Benefits

  • Submersible 1/4 HP, 115-volt utility pump
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy-coated cast aluminum casing for superior heat dissipation
  • Lightweight portability
  • Screened bottom intake design removes water to within 1/4" of surface
  • 3/4" GHT discharge with 1-1/4" FNPT adapter included
  • 10' Power cord
  • 5-Year warranty

Download The Spec Sheet

This product is now available as a direct replacement for the discontinued RL-160U and RL-250U Aluminum Utility Pumps. If you have any questions, please contact your local Red Lion Sales Representative or Technical Support at 888.885.9254.


Next Generation RLMPTC Multi-Purpose Transfer Pumps


14942016 RLMPTC Angled Left HeroThe Red Lion® MPTC Multi-Purpose Transfer Pumps have been updated, effective immediately. The new generation of MPTC pumps has now become the RLMPTC Multi-Purpose Transfer Pump and remains the same great product with some changes to support performance and manufacturing enhancements

These pumps are ideal for boosting household water pressure to wash vehicles and driveways, and for use in other water transfer and removal applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Non-submersible utility pump
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Includes 3/4" brass garden hose adapters, replacement motor brushes, and a strainer

If you have any questions, please contact your local Red Lion Sales Representative or Technical Support at 888.885.9254.


Now Available: CSS Series Sump Pumps


RL CSS Angled LeftRed Lion® CSS Series Sump Pumps are available in 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 hp models to move up to 4500 gph in residential applications. They feature a compact footprint, an energy-efficient PSC motor to minimize electricity costs, and a number of rugged features that make them ideal for the most challenging applications.

  • Standard Stainless Steel – All models feature customer-preferred 300-grade stainless steel motor construction, providing maximum pump life in applications with high metal or mineral content
  • Footprint Flexibility – Contractor-preferred snap-action float switch creates a smaller pump footprint for ease of use in reduced-diameter sump pits
  • Dependable Durability – Cast iron motor cover will not expand or retract, offering superior seal protection when compared to plastic motor covers
  • Robust Look Increases Your Profit – Rugged and aesthetically pleasing appearance results in faster product turnover and a more profitable store selling price
  • Sealed & Protected – Pump life is maximized via an o-ring seal system that barricades the capacitor from water exposure, while metal-attached tie-bolts minimize wear to maximize motor seal integrity
  • Minimal & Simple Maintenance – An elevated suction design minimizes clogs caused by debris and eliminates air lock, while a removable volute makes maintenance quick and easy if ever needed
  • The Red Lion Partnership – Maximize your pump aisle profit through employee in-store training by our industry-leading team, combined with our bold, vibrant packaging designed to draw the customer’s eye and provide the necessary details they need to get on with their purchase
  • Prompt Sense Of Urgency – In cases of emergencies, we can work with you to provide backup inventory that your customers request in times of need

If you have any questions, please contact your local Red Lion Sales Representative or Technical Support at 888.885.9254.


Extended Technical Service Line Hours Effective Immediately


We are committed to offering availability to both our products and services when and where customers need them. Effective immediately, the Technical Service Line and Customer Relations hours will be extended through September 30, 2019, or beyond, depending on demand. 

Technical Service Line Global Headquarters Technical Service Hotline Department 04 1

  • 888.885.9254
  • 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

Customer Relations

  • 844.250.4981
  • 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

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5 Reasons You Can Trust The Enhanced RL-SPRK Series Sprinkler Pump


Want to smile more? The Red Lion® RL-SPRK Series Sprinkler Pump can help you do just that by watering your lawn or turf, creating a healthy, green sight of relaxation and achievement. Here are five reasons to trust the RL-SPRK Series.

Red Lion RL SPRK200 Sprinkler Pump

  1. Leading Warranty – This centrifugal pump comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Installation Simplicity – Retrofit installations are simplified with an industry standard 2-inch FNPT intake and 1-1/2-inch FNPT discharge.
  3. Reliability – It features durable internal components and a rugged cast iron casing and pump base.
  4. Flexibility – Repair kits with replacement impellers are available, while brass impeller conversion kits allow for upgrades to battle tougher applications.  
  5. One Call Away – Problem-solving experts are only a phone call away via the Red Lion Technical Service Line at 888.885.9254.

For more information about the RL-SPRK Series Sprinkler Pump, click here.


Now Available: The Enhanced Red Lion RL50WA Sewage Pump


RL50WA Right Side Angled Right

The Red Lion® RL50WA Sewage Pump is ideal for residential sewage applications. Performance has been optimized to increase the lifespan of the motor. The RL50WA handles up to 7200 gph and lifts up to 24 feet, which is suitable for the average-sized North American home.    

Key Features and Benefits:    

  • Energy-efficient PSC motor that draws fewer amps to reduce electricity costs
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction for years of pumping performance
  • Clog-resistant design capable of passing two-inch diameter semi-solids
  • Proven tethered float switch that is compatible with basins 18 inches in diameter or greater
  • 20-foot cord for increased installation flexibility
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty

For more information about the Red Lion RL50WA Sewage Pump, click here.


6 Reasons To Choose The Red Lion Battery Backup System


Today, more and more people with basements are using them as an extension of their home, as areas to entertain guests, or as a storage area for a variety of things. What does this mean? In most cases, basements contain valuables. When the electricity goes out, panic doesn’t have to set in. Here are six reasons to choose the Red Lion® Battery Backup System.

  1. Savings – A flooded basement can easily cost thousands of dollars in damages to irreplaceable valuables and increase insurance rates.Battery Backup
  2. True Safety Net – Most homeowners choose a Battery Backup System to protect against power outages that shut off a sump pump. It’s also a productive backup in cases where the sump pump stops working and requires maintenance or replacement. 
  3. Efficiency – The Red Lion Battery Backup System features an efficient pump that puts less strain on the battery, ensuring that your basement stays dry for a long period of time.
  4. Reliability – The proven RS-12 diaphragm switch provides hours of reliable pumping and has no external moving parts, thus minimizing the opportunity for mechanical hang-ups.
  5. Durability – We offer a 2-year warranty to provide added peace of mind, however, end users should plan on this unit being a part of their household for much longer than that. 
  6. All-in-One – The system includes a charger, pump, 1-1/2-inch street elbow, 1-1/2-inch check valve, 1-1/2-inch coupling, battery box, and 12 V DC pump control switch. You can easily find which battery to purchase in the Owner’s Manual, and we provide everything else in one easy package.

For more information about the Red Lion Battery Backup System, click here.


Now Available: Enhanced RL-SPRK Series Sprinkler Pumps


The Red Lion® RL-SPRK Series Sprinkler Pumps are ideal for residential and commercial lawn and turf sprinkler systems. Featuring a rugged cast iron casing and pump base, this centrifugal pump comes with a leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. It moves water at a maximum flow of 77 gpm, is simple to prime, lifts water up to 25 feet, and makes sizing and installation easy for new and retrofit installations.

Red Lion RL SPRK200 Sprinkler Pump

For more information about the enhanced RL-SPRK Series, click here.


In Case You Missed It: National Hardware Show 2018


New products, packaging, and opportunities were all present at the Red Lion® 2018 National Hardware Show booth this year. If you missed it, here’s a look at the show from our point of view.

View 2018 NHS photos.

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