Sump Pumps - Bleed Hole


Did you know that our cast iron sump pumps have a bleed hole incorporated into the design of the pump which eliminates a pump from getting air-locked? 

Why is this important?  when a sump pump gets air-locked it prevents water from flowing through the pump which will eventually burn out the motor.  The bleed hole allows trapped air to escape. 

In some models the bleed hole appears as a small hole located in the front or back of the pump at the base of the unit.  In other models the bleed hole is hidden behind the bolt at the base of the pump. 

Water squirting out of this hole is normal and is no reason for concern.   The unit is not defective.  Do not return it to the store.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call our hotline number at 1-888-956-0000.