Red Lion® 2017 National Hardware Show Booth Focusing on Customer Interactivity & Innovation


Red Lion® will utilize booth 2212 at the 2017 National Hardware Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, to offer customers a customized approach for on-site pump expert training, launch a completely new look for the brand, including its packaging strategy, and showcase multiple product innovations.

One of the prime attractions to the booth will be a focus on how Red Lion can help its customers become pump experts through an aggressive, yet efficient on-site training program coupled with the backing of its Technical Service Hotline. Red Lion product experts will host in-booth one-on-one meetings with store owners and associates to identify a more successful approach to pump aisle training and dig deep into a consistent training program offered by Red Lion that can dramatically and immediately increase pumps sales. Meetings are limited and by invitation only.

“Pumps are often a product that store associates tend to avoid if they aren’t comfortable selling them,” said Wayne Neault, Red Lion’s Director of Sales – Consumer. “This is unfortunate because the pump aisle can actually be one of the most profitable in the entire store because it comes with so many opportunities for accessory sales. Customers don’t browse the pump aisle. They are normally there to address a problem, so if a store associate has the proper education, it is almost a guaranteed sale. That’s where we come in. Our dedicated training programs help store associates feel comfortable, no matter the store turnover, and make their store the community destination for pumps.”

A second attraction to the booth will be an exclusive preview of the completely new Red Lion branding and packaging strategy. This new design was specifically tailored to draw traffic to the pump aisle and features bold color, edgy photography, and informative customer-friendly panels. These previews are limited and by in-booth invitation only.

Lastly, Red Lion will be showcasing multiple product innovations in the booth, including:

  • The new Red Lion RL-SPBS Series Battery Backup System provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their basement is protected from flooding when the electricity goes out. The backup pump delivers up to 41 gallons per minute. The proven RS-12 switch provides hours of reliable pumping, and has no external moving parts, thus minimizing the opportunity for mechanical hang-ups. In addition, it features a charger/controller unit, and alarm system. The charger/controller unit monitors the battery condition and charges it when an electrical outage occurs. The alarm then audibly alerts the homeowner that the unit is in use. The system has built-in protection against overcharging, reverse 5RLAG 2LKIT Product Photo 1 polarity, short circuits, and input overloads.
  • The Red Lion 5RLAG-2LKIT gas engine driven pump and hose kit is packaged for convenience when high-volume water transfer and dewatering needs arise. The Red Lion 5RLAG-2LKIT is powered by a reliable 179cc OHV engine and delivers up to 150 gpm with a maximum head of 92 feet. The hose kit contains a 12-foot reinforced suction hose with a steel suction strainer, a 50-foot lay-flat discharge hose with attached couplings, and 2-inch aluminum adaptors for use with quick connect couplers.

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