6 Reasons To Choose The Red Lion Battery Backup System


Today, more and more people with basements are using them as an extension of their home, as areas to entertain guests, or as a storage area for a variety of things. What does this mean? In most cases, basements contain valuables. When the electricity goes out, panic doesn’t have to set in. Here are six reasons to choose the Red Lion® Battery Backup System.

  1. Savings – A flooded basement can easily cost thousands of dollars in damages to irreplaceable valuables and increase insurance rates.Battery Backup
  2. True Safety Net – Most homeowners choose a Battery Backup System to protect against power outages that shut off a sump pump. It’s also a productive backup in cases where the sump pump stops working and requires maintenance or replacement. 
  3. Efficiency – The Red Lion Battery Backup System features an efficient pump that puts less strain on the battery, ensuring that your basement stays dry for a long period of time.
  4. Reliability – The proven RS-12 diaphragm switch provides hours of reliable pumping and has no external moving parts, thus minimizing the opportunity for mechanical hang-ups.
  5. Durability – We offer a 2-year warranty to provide added peace of mind, however, end users should plan on this unit being a part of their household for much longer than that. 
  6. All-in-One – The system includes a charger, pump, 1-1/2-inch street elbow, 1-1/2-inch check valve, 1-1/2-inch coupling, battery box, and 12 V DC pump control switch. You can easily find which battery to purchase in the Owner’s Manual, and we provide everything else in one easy package.

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