Now Available: The Enhanced Red Lion RL50WA Sewage Pump


RL50WA Right Side Angled Right

The Red Lion® RL50WA Sewage Pump is ideal for residential sewage applications. Performance has been optimized to increase the lifespan of the motor. The RL50WA handles up to 7200 gph and lifts up to 24 feet, which is suitable for the average-sized North American home.    

Key Features and Benefits:    

  • Energy-efficient PSC motor that draws fewer amps to reduce electricity costs
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction for years of pumping performance
  • Clog-resistant design capable of passing two-inch diameter semi-solids
  • Proven tethered float switch that is compatible with basins 18 inches in diameter or greater
  • 20-foot cord for increased installation flexibility
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty

For more information about the Red Lion RL50WA Sewage Pump, click here.