Now Available: CSS Series Sump Pumps


RL CSS Angled LeftRed Lion® CSS Series Sump Pumps are available in 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 hp models to move up to 4500 gph in residential applications. They feature a compact footprint, an energy-efficient PSC motor to minimize electricity costs, and a number of rugged features that make them ideal for the most challenging applications.

  • Standard Stainless Steel – All models feature customer-preferred 300-grade stainless steel motor construction, providing maximum pump life in applications with high metal or mineral content
  • Footprint Flexibility – Contractor-preferred snap-action float switch creates a smaller pump footprint for ease of use in reduced-diameter sump pits
  • Dependable Durability – Cast iron motor cover will not expand or retract, offering superior seal protection when compared to plastic motor covers
  • Robust Look Increases Your Profit – Rugged and aesthetically pleasing appearance results in faster product turnover and a more profitable store selling price
  • Sealed & Protected – Pump life is maximized via an o-ring seal system that barricades the capacitor from water exposure, while metal-attached tie-bolts minimize wear to maximize motor seal integrity
  • Minimal & Simple Maintenance – An elevated suction design minimizes clogs caused by debris and eliminates air lock, while a removable volute makes maintenance quick and easy if ever needed
  • The Red Lion Partnership – Maximize your pump aisle profit through employee in-store training by our industry-leading team, combined with our bold, vibrant packaging designed to draw the customer’s eye and provide the necessary details they need to get on with their purchase
  • Prompt Sense Of Urgency – In cases of emergencies, we can work with you to provide backup inventory that your customers request in times of need

If you have any questions, please contact your local Red Lion Sales Representative or Technical Support at 888.885.9254.