Why do you need a sewage pump?

A necessity for homes with basement toilets or those without gravity sewage drains provided by the community, a sewage pump lifts flushable waste up to 2" diameter from the sewage basin into the main sewer line. Red Lion submersible sewage pumps handle the tough and demanding tasks of sewage waste transfer with efficiency and dependability. Installation takes as little as 30 minutes using common household tools.

New installation

Just as in selecting a replacement pump, new installation requires you to determine the size of pump you need and the type of discharge pipe you have. Figure the size by counting the number of drains that discharge into the sewage basin and by considering the distance the waste must be lifted.

Typical Installations


Tools needed

Replacing an existing sewage pump

Determine the size of your current pump.

Check the identification plate to determine the horsepower (hp) needed. Generally, you will want to select a pump with the same horsepower as your current pump.

Determine the size and type of discharge pipe you have.

Sewer lines are 2" in diameter or larger, so it is important to measure the line. Additionally, verify whether your line is made of PVC, ABS, galvanized steel, or copper.