General specifications

Whether selecting a submersible or non-submersible, emergency or permanent use multi-purpose pump, you can rest assured that your Red Lion pump is crafted to perform and last.

Typical installations

Red Lion offers multi-purpose pumps for a complete range of household applications. Whatever you need, Red Lion has the pump for you. Our multi-purpose pumps are ideal for:


Draining waterbeds, hot water tanks, appliances, aquariums, and other emergency dewatering needs.

Models: RLMP16, RLMP25, RLMP25A, RL50CON

Removing or transferring water from basements, rooftops, hot tubs, crawl spaces, and general dewatering.

Models: C15, C20ST

Removing condensation build-up from air handlers, boilers, furnaces, ice makers, and dehumidifiers


Boosting household water pressure for washing vehicles, sidewalks, and driveways, or for use in general water transfer applications.

Models: RL-25U, RL50CON

Dewatering and water feature applications

Model: RL-50, RL50CON

Pumping out flooded basements, livestock watering, flood irrigation, and general dewatering