Why do you need a sprinkler pump?

Sprinkler pumps transport water from a lake or pond to supply irrigation for a lawn or garden. Because they are designed to move large volumes of water, sprinkler pumps are also useful in high-volume applications such as filling pools, water transfer, and boosting household water pressure.

What size sprinkler pump to you need?

For pump replacement, simply select the same horsepower (hp) as your current pump.

When selecting a new sprinkler pump, use the following steps to easily determine the needed size:

Suction lift and the number of sprinkler heads operating at any given time are the key determining factors in selecting a sprinkler pump. Determine the number of heads and multiply them by 3. The sum (gpm requirement) should be compared with the pump performance chart found on the pump carton. Find the pump that will deliver your gpm requirement at the suction lift distance determined performing at 30 psi.

Typical Installations

Sprinkler System

Tools needed

Spray Patterns Example 1

(of a typical front yard) Using full, half, and quarter circle patterns. Advantages: Full coverage with no water on sidewalks, using 12 sprinklers

Spray Patterns Example 2

Alternate Plan (more economical) using only 6 sprinklers, requiring an "overthrow", if this is no problem on sidewalk or street.